7 Wellness-Related Wedding Gifts for Your Fitness-Loving Friends

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Say you're invited to the upcoming nuptials of a super-wellness-inclined friend. You know, the kind of gal who actually makes the most of her ClassPass, knows the meaning behind each and every crystal she's carefully procured, has a full section of her pantry dedicated to healing herbs (what is ashwagandha, anyway?), and cooks a well-balanced, perfectly plated dinner at home every weeknight without the assistance of a microwave? (Or say you just want to be like said friend…)

Whatever your reason for going shopping for new kitchen essentials, I've found through my incredibly clinical trials—I mean, I legitimately have been invited to no fewer than seven weddings this year alone—that Macy's Registry is the only place to go, whether you're hunting for a gift or choosing a place to set up your registry. The retailer has it all, but most importantly, it's got the kind of gifts that'll help you start off the new season on the right foot. Keep on reading to see and shop wellness-related gifts (and feel free to add them to your registry if you're the soon-to-be newlywed in question).

When you're whipping up complicated, supermodel-approved recipes that'll make you feel like your best self (or it's pasta night—carbs provide spiritual wellness, after all), you don't want to throw the ingredients into any old pan or pot. Stainless steel with a stylish rose-gold finish? Yep, that'll do.

Ideal if you're the kind of person who can't start their day without a beyond-green smoothie. (If this is you, please find me on IG and DM me your favorite recipe at once. I've got a bad bagel habit I've been trying to kick.)

Because you need a set of dishes that'll make the perfect backdrop for your picture-perfect IG hunger traps. (If that's not a phrase in the cultural lexicon yet, I'm making it one.)

Because an essential part of wellness is learning how to actually, you know, relax, or something? (Still working on this, but I have a feeling this remote-controlled oil diffuser just might be what I've been looking for after a long day at the office.)

Because sweeping doesn't make me happy. (Sorry if it's your thing.) Welcome to the future, where you can get a robot to do your cleaning. Buh-bye, allergens and dust mites.

Looking for more ways to incorporate wellness into your day-to-day? Macy's has you covered—visit the site and start adding to your registry.

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