5 Outfits Fashion Girls Wear on the Weekends

Trying to put together a casual yet cute weekend outfit but not sure where to start? We've got you covered. And by we, I mean the lovely fashion girls we pretty much rely on for top-notch style advice. Getting dressed up, although not practical, is honestly kind of easy—you put on a nice dress, heels, a clutch, and you're out the door—but attempting to toe the line between stylish yet laid-back (aka the perfect weekend outfit) is annoyingly hard. 

The women ahead seem to somehow have it all figured out: Their weekend outfit choices are always making us wish we had thought of the look first. Whether you're looking for a cool new way to style your jeans, the perfect inspiration for how to wear sneakers, or timeless outfit formulas you can always rely on, the looks ahead have got you covered. Just scroll down; you'll see!

Go on to see and shop the fashion-girl weekend outfits we're loving right now.