This $60 Amazon Jacket Goes With Everything—Here's How I've Been Wearing It

I have a thing for denim jackets. All of them— every cut, wash, and style you can think of—I really don't discriminate. But the thing is, I don't have any sort of anecdote or romantic segue into how my love affair came to be. It sort of just, well, happened. I know deep down they're the most versatile jacket you can own and will never go out of style. I have a shearling-lined one, a classic-but-cropped denim blue one, one that's baggy and distressed, a white one… and the list goes on. The crazy thing is I still find myself eager to add more to my collection, like this dark oversize style from Amazon. (It's only $60!)

Now, I have no intention of trying to convince you with my words that denim jackets are a tried-and-true wardrobe staple, but I will prove it with these outfits I've put together over the last week. So without further ado, here are six ways to style a denim jacket.

I'm wearing this with…

Slip Dress + Loafers

The easiest outfit combo with the highest payoff.

Dark Denim Shorts + Smocked Top + Mary Janes

Proof that Canadian tuxedos can be chic.

Bike Shorts + Stripe Top + Sporty Sandals

This has basically become my new work-from-home uniform.

Leopard Skirt + White Tank Top + Flats

The skirt that I've basically lived in for the last two years.

Light Denim Shorts + Black Tank + Loafers

Clearly trying to make Canadian tuxedos more of a thing.

Animal Print Dress + Anklet + Mary Janes

My love for animal print is almost as deep as my love for denim jackets.

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