Curious What 15 Watches Our Editors Think You Should Own?


(Image credit: @honeynsilk)

There are certain wardrobe essentials that we start with and build on over the years, as trendy items become less important and we develop our own sense of style. For me, those items include an investment leather jacket, that one brand of T-shirt that fits me perfectly, vintage Levi’s, cashmere, and a transitional bag I’ll carry for years to come.

Perhaps it’s because 30 is fast approaching for me, but I’ve been considering the essential items I don’t own yet but should, at least in my mind. Topping that list is a classic watch. With our mobile phones so readily available day-to-day, it’s easy to put the classic timepiece on the back burner––but for a truly elevated and accessorized look, incorporate one of these 15 watches to your wardrobe.

Square Face



No more looking to your phone for the time!

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