11 Under-$150 Essentials Major Fashion Influencers Are Wearing in 2019

If you’re tempted to pluck some pieces out of the closets of the biggest fashion influencers but don’t want to drop your whole paycheck, it turns out that you don’t have to. While the most stylish women on Instagram regularly wear plenty of designer labels, if you look closely, you’ll also be sure to spot affordable finds mixed into their outfits.

So what do well-priced pieces look like in 2019? After scrolling through the accounts of the most stylish women on the streets of Copenhagen, Paris, and Tokyo, I can confidently say that there are some great pieces to add to your shopping cart now. From the most-wanted sneaker styles to affordable designer pieces, there’s something you’re sure to love. Ahead, see how they’re wearing their under-$150 wardrobe essentials in 2019 and shop them for yourself.