Take Your Look From Stylish to Head-Turning Thanks to These 15 Pieces


Vince Camuto 

Despite being a fashion editor, I'm the first to admit that it's easy to fall into a style rut. Whether it's picking out an outfit for work, my weekend coffee run, or my third wedding invite of the year, I sometimes find myself dressing on autopilot, wearing the same old pieces that result in an ensemble that's stylish, sure, but also a bit uninspired.

In times like these, there's no need to do anything dramatic (or anything that will require another line of credit)… Instead, I'm elevating my look by swapping out a few key pieces, starting with my footwear and adding in a bonus accessory or two. Flats for work? Sure, but make them silver. Sneakers for my coffee run? These espadrilles are just as comfortable and infinitely less dated.

Lastly, as for those nude heels I've been wearing to each and every special occasion since 2014, I'll be retiring them for these standout numbers (and adding hero jewelry to the mix). On that note, scroll to see the pieces I'm ditching and how I'm replacing them, including the Vince Camuto pieces that are making sure these updates feel elevated.


Ditch: Basic flats

Replace with: Printed, woven, metallic footwear in styles that still feel office-appropriate


Ditch: Worn-out sneakers

Replace with: Espadrilles that are super comfortable but far more put-together


Ditch: Boring nude pumps 

Replace with: Versatile heels in different textures and patterns