Victoria's Secret Made a Push-Up Bralette, and We're Intrigued

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A push-up bralette may seem like a bit of a contradiction, but if anyone can make it work, it's undoubtedly Victoria's Secret. Earlier this year, the brand launched an all-new collection of bralettes, which is clearly going well for it as VS continues to add new styles into the mix. And while push-up bras have waned as bralettes have risen in popularity in recent years, VS has apparently decided to revive the trend that it has always done so well, by wisely combining it with the fresher bralette trend. 

The $25 (or 2 for $30) Push-Up Bralette first launched this summer, but we recently noticed that it's been racking up positive reviews. The current count of 178 reviews is much higher than most of the brand's other bralettes and shoppers rave that it lifts (sans wire) but remains ultra comfortable (as a bralette should). With 12 colors on offer and a low price point, we're guessing that the number of favorable reviews will continue to rise. Oh, and did we mention that the back is really pretty?

Shop Victoria's Secret popular Push-Up Bralette in a few of our favorite hues below! 

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