The Surprising Brand That Wants to be More Like Zara

There’s no denying Zara’s insane amount of success; the brand is one of the leading players in the fast-fashion industry. With its quick clothing turnover and reasonable price range, other brands are out to emulate its foolproof strategy. The latest label to hop on the fast-fashion track? Victoria’s Secret. Earlier this week, Business Insider reported that the lingerie brand is working to tweak its business plan in hopes of keeping up with the success of fast-fashion retailers

“Basically almost all of our panties today are on some kind of speed program, and those speed programs allow us to read the business on a Monday and be back in stock in the stores within 15 to 25 days," said Victoria's Secret CEO Sharen Turney.

The goal of Victoria’s Secret’s speedy new program is to cut down the planning process and move straight to producing quick and of-the-moment products consumers want. Turney explained, "We've already taken probably four months out of our development time and believe there is probably another two months to continue to work in.”

Are you surprised by Victoria’s Secret’s new strategy? Let us know at the end, and scroll down to shop our favourite pieces from the iconic lingerie label. 

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