Did Victoria Beckham Just Make This Common Skinny-Jean Mistake Cool?

It was yours truly who once wrote the story "8 Skinny-Jean Mistakes to Give Up Once and for All," but I'm well aware that style "rules" fluctuate greatly from season to season, year to year, and decade to decade. I'm also well aware that a pillar of personal style is taking risks, and someone who consistently proves that is Victoria Beckham. After all, she didn't become a fashion icon by playing it safe. Regarding jeans specifically, Beckham doesn't swear by one denim style in particular, but she has turned to skinnies often over the years, always providing fresh inspiration. Well, much to my surprise, Beckham just made one of the skinny-jean "mistakes" I highlighted in the aforementioned story: wearing too-long skinny jeans that bunch around your ankles.

Now, typically we'd advise one to only wear ankle-length styles that look clean and polished with any shoe style, but Beckham's bunched-up skinny jeans look so cool with her black satin pumps (and sheer top) that I'm rethinking everything. Now, I'm still convinced that there are certain shoe styles that wouldn't benefit from long skinny jeans (e.g., sneakers), but Beckham's pumps are considerably elongating, and it just works. Are you with me, or do you need some convincing? Keep scrolling to find out and shop longer skinny jeans (depending on your height, of course) that would bunch well with heels.

Victoria Beckham skinny jeans


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