The Luxurious Boots That Will Freshen Up Your Jeans

This time of year always seems to be the trial period where we test out new elements that will potentially make the cut in our wardrobe for the rest of the year. Whether that means taking more risks with what we wear or trying out trends we’d normally not give a second glance, we’re generally able to reinvent ourselves—if even in a minor way.

And when it comes to trends, there’s nothing we love more than a shoe trend that will take our well-loved denim to new heights. Indulging in a luxe pair of velvet boots might just be the key to freshening up your tried-and-true jeans and reaching those new style resolutions you’ve set out to accomplish. Whether you’re layering elevated basics like a sweater and T-shirt or making a chic statement in a bold winter coat, finish off your look in rich velvet.