Every Single Cool Person I Know Is Wearing These 8 Trends on Vacation RN

As a NYC-based editor, my bread and butter is walking outside and seeing what the girls in my neighborhood are wearing. After a short fifteen-minute walk, I'm solidly downtown in the heart of a major fashion capital—but recently, it hasn't felt that way. Every fashionable person I normally see on my morning commute is out of the office and living their best European life. 

Amid a cool fashion girl epidemic in the city, there's only one thing to do: log into Instagram and peep their outfits via my phone instead. Whether or not you're hopping on a trans-continental flight anytime soon doesn't matter: you may as well be on the shores of Mykonos or Mallorca after bearing witness to the number of vacation trends you've seen over the few months. If you're staying home for the summer like me, there's no better time than the present to hop onto these can't-miss summer outfit trends that have, frankly, gone worldwide.

From statement swimsuits to fiery hues, the eight vacation trends seen on these It girls are all that's keeping me sane at the moment. Browse some inspired fashion finds at a wide range of prices below.

Red Hot



Since the F/W 23 runways, vibrant red tones have been on everyone's minds. Now that the weather is kicking into high gear, it's no surprise that the internet's cool girls are turning toward these fiery tones to make a statement on vacation. Opt for a full-on ruby ensemble or, if you're more subtle, red details like shoes and handbags for a delicate pop of color.

Statement One-Pieces



There are two things you can always count on when it comes to cool girls in the summer. One, they're definitely in Italy. Two, they're wearing a jaw-dropping, over-the-top one-piece swimsuit. While quiet luxury may take over their day-to-day outfits, cabana-side fit pics have never looked better, thanks to an abundance of statement one-piece swimsuits. Whether it's 3D florals or beaded bustiers, the fashion set loves this dramatic style.

'90s Necklines



Is it just me, or have halter necklines been creeping back in for the last few years? This summer, it seems like you can't leave your house without seeing the high-neck, ultra-slinky style on someone. If you're into baring a bit of skin, opt for a backless halter dress to show off a new sunny glow. Alternatively, '90s-style halter tops in basic colors make great additions to your packed carry-on.

Breezy Linens



Summer and linen go together. When it comes to the fashion set and their love for lightweight, breezy fabrics, you can count on a monochromatic, bright linen set to be the go-to choice. Although I'm partial to white wide-leg trousers and crop tops, cool girls love the look of tailored linen trousers and coastal dresses in the classic summer fabric.

Black Bikinis



Sure, one-pieces may include neon florals and beaded bustiers, but bikinis are one thing only this summer: black. The timeless strappy style is back in and on every celebrity and influencer this year, from the shores of Mallorca to the pebbled beaches of Mykonos. The classic black bikini goes well with everything, making it an obvious choice for a stress-free vacation outfit.

Unexpected Raffia



While raffia bags and their allure isn't new for the summer, unexpected straw and raffia combinations have been all the rage this year. Instead of a classic raffia bucket bag, opt for a statement piece featuring fringe, shells, or other accents.

Drop-Waist Dresses



The drop-waist trend has to be one of the prettiest of the summer by far, so it's no surprise that the below-the-navel style has been picking up steam for the cool NYC girls traveling abroad. Although there's a bevy of options available online, from formal to ultra-casual, those in the know opt for lightweight cotton fabrics and fun colors to try out the style (although you can't go wrong with black).

Dreamy Fuchsia



If you aren't excited about the Barbie movie, this in-your-face summer trend might boost your interest. Bright fuchsias and pinks seem to be another go-to shade for those in the know. Opt for candy-colored accessories or full-on outfits that pack a punch.