I Currently Want to Own Everything at Urban Outfitters


Collage Vintage

No, this story isn't sponsored, I just seriously am having a mild anxiety attack over the fact that I want everything at Urban Outfitters right now but cannot afford everything at Urban Outfitters right now. I tried to narrow down my favorite picks for you guys to shop, and it took me way longer than it should have. Between the '90s-inspired denim (low-slung and baggy) to the weird but cool shoe trends I'm actively investing in, there was minimal room for edits.

The good news about Urban is that most of the products are affordable—music to my ears. Here you can find the trends you want without sacrificing paying your rent in full this month. (No, I've never done that, but I have definitely thought about it.) I also wish we were all sitting in a room somewhere hanging out so we could verbally discuss the items we are adding to our carts. I want to know what you guys are buying too! (Feel free to DM me @laurenegg.) But for now, I'll settle with sharing my top picks with you here. Sorry not sorry if I made the decision-making a little too challenging.

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