20 Sneakers That Are Unlike Any You've Ever Seen Before

Shopping for unique summer snekers


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Sneakers might be one of the most classic wardrobe essentials out there, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t also be the most eye-catching part of your look. While we love bright white low-tops, we’ve already exhausted all our favorite designers—from Converse to Gucci and everything in between—when it comes to shopping for the classic style. Next on our list? Those kicks that feel so runway-ready that you won’t be able to believe that they’re actually sneakers and not stilettos. What’s more is that they’re decidedly more foot-friendly than your most fashionable heels, and we certainly can’t complain about a pair of shoes that so effortlessly mixes comfort and couture.

While we might not be able to run a marathon in the following styles, they’re certainly up to the challenge when it comes to all the pavement pounding that we do on a daily basis. And we’ve been well known to run our shoes into the ground. Made of velvet, satin, and more, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the selection of the season. Pair the sporty Stella McCartney style with your favorite ankle-cropped denim to dress up your off-duty look or slip into lace Converse sneakers with a sundress when heading out to a casual summer party. Shop our 20 favorite unique sneakers below that are truly unlike any that you’ve ever seen before.

Available in sizes 4.5 to 10.

Is your closet ready for these game changers? Start off slow by adding them to your off-duty denim and then start mixing them into your bolder summer looks for a little something extra.