"Spicy" Basics Are the New Boring Ones—I'll Explain With These 30

unique basics


@nicoleakhtarzad; STYLING: The Line by K Ximeno Tank Top ($75)

I know we inundate you on the reg with all things wardrobe basics, but can you really blame us when the pieces just keep getting better? If you've also noticed the rise in trendy basics, you know what we're talking about. While perennial classic pieces will always have a spot in our closets, the more unique details on these staples—think cutouts and open backs—are capturing our attention the most right now. These pieces technically qualify as basics because of their easy, versatile nature, but they all have a little extra flavor to them—a sprinkle of spice, if you will.

From cutouts to asymmetric necklines and waist floss, the more risqué trends of the moment have officially made their way into the basics section. Ahead, we're highlighting 30 examples that tap into some of these trends but do it on easy-to-wear silhouettes like tanks and bodysuits. Peruse our edit to find the wardrobe refresh you were looking for.

I've seen this dress IRL, and it's even more stunning.

So much cooler than a plain button-down.

If it's cool enough for Emily Ratajkowski…

The white tank to end them all.

The tinier the strap, the cooler the top.

No one does the lace-up trend quite like Christopher Esber.

This neckline gives the perfect amount of "spice" to any basic 'fit.

Halter tops are trending hard right now.

Style with a blazer or cinch the waist with a cool chain belt.

The ribbed texture makes this one a standout.

You have a 100% chance of having a good workout in this.

Anything in this color qualifies as "spicy."

One last cool tank top before you go!