Every Under-$50 Thing I Want From Nordstrom Right Now

Best Under $50 Items Nordstrom


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With the holidays in full swing, your shopping carts are likely filled with products and gifts for all of those who you love in your life. But if you are a shopping addict like me, there's always room for a few presents for yourself as well. Since the spirit of the season is giving, it's wise to put aside most of your present budget for others, but a couple of under $50 gifts for yourself never hurt anyone, and if you ask me, it is greatly encouraged.  

Since I tend to do a lot of my Christmas shopping online at Nordstrom, there are always heaps of items I end up wanting along the way, and today, I've shopped them all out for you below. Each item you'll see as you scroll is under $50 but looks anything but. From going-out tops to jade rollers, the selection ahead is wide and it's chic. Because that's the best thing about Nordstrom—you're always bound to find exactly what you're looking for and then some. 

The going-out top you'll wear for years to come. 

Affordable jeans that will go with everything. 

If you haven't hopped on the jade roller bandwagon yet, the time is now. 

I have this rule where if a white T-shirt looks nice and is under $20, I have to buy it. 

This top will look good in the winter and spring. 

Reusable totes are the future, and these ones are adorable. 

Fact: Zella leggings are some of my favorite leggings in my workout drawer. 

Not that I need another pair of Converse, but HELLO these are cute. 

Next year I plan to stay dedicated to exercising regularly, and cute workout clothes always help keep me motivated.  

This top takes the work out of layering. 

Don't lie, you've been sleeping in the same oversize T-shirt for days now. This set will take your pajama game to the level it should be at. 

Basically the only underwear I wear at this point. 

This look is so Bella Hadid, and therefore I'm buying it. 

Not that I own airpods yet, but I hope to get some for Christmas. Here's hoping. 

One more cute cardigan for good measure.

This dress is giving me Attico vibes but at a price point I can actually afford. 

Everyone needs a pair of sleek tailored trousers in their life. 

These are so cute I almost want to wear them as real shoes. 

One can never own too many layering turtlenecks. 

I'm a perfume addict, and this chic little bottle is just the travel size I've been looking for. 

And this one is cute but psycho… in a good way. 

For $30, not buying this would be a crime. 

I think I just might need this cozy sweater in every color. 

The sweaterdress you never knew you needed. 

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