Candice Swanepoel Makes the Luxe Swimwear You'd Never Guess Is Eco-Friendly

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Living in Australia, it seems like there’s never a wrong time to invest in swimwear. And while it may be winter, that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped keeping our eyes peeled for the best options to add to our collections. After all, we are surrounded by water, so why not embrace it by building an impressive (and stylish) arsenal of options?

Now that we’ve convinced you that it is in fact okay to invest in swimwear, it’s time to share our latest discovery: Tropic of C. Though the swimwear brand created by supermodel Candice Swanepoel launched back in February, this latest season has really caught our eye—and while browsing the cute styles, we came across an added bonus: The line is not only cute, but it’s also eco-friendly. “We strive to create a swimwear collection with integrity and respect for the planet, to work with the most sustainable materials and suppliers as possible”, the site shares. Here’s how.

By using Econyl, a textile that developed in partnership with, the brand utilises “100 percent recycled material from discarded fishing nets and other landfill waste.” 50 percent of the current collection is made with the recycled textile, with sustainable production in mind. In addition, the suits are made to last, meaning more wear and less waste going into landfills. In fact, the brand’s commitment to the environment is reflected even in the details, right down to packaging. “Our ethos extends all the way to our packaging: From 100 percent recycled paper hang tags, to ‘tree-free’ stone paper packaging, and biodegradable plastic garment bags,” the brand shares. “We believe in nurturing safe and ethical work spaces for all elements of production.”

While Tropic of C isn’t the only brand to be increasing awareness around sustainable practices, it is one that is paving the way for an all-around more sustainable industry. The more brands taking responsibility, the better. As shoppers, we should be aware of a brand’s ethics and vote with our dollar by supporting sustainable lines to increase the demand for sustainable fashion in every sphere, from swimwear to jewellery. If Tropic of C can use recycled materials, that means that other brands can too; and here’s hoping they will. Every small step we take towards creating a change is one step closer to a sustainable future for the industry.


Shop our favourite Tropic of C Swimsuits

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; and Tropic of C Volley Bikini Bottom$99 )

This white colour will make you look even more sun-kissed. 

The capped sleeves give an unexpectedly chic look.

; and Tropic of C Curve Bottom With Ties $92)

Checks: Not just for blazers anymore.

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