8 Trendy Outfits Anyone Who Owns a Tank Top Can Pull Off

Once the temperature hits 80 degrees for the first time of the year, it's officially tank-top season. Walk one block down the street or scroll through Instagram and you see plenty of proof of this. There are a million different ways to wear a tank top. It's also one of those pieces you don't have to put too much thought into styling (aka a basic). But in case you do want some fresh outfit ideas, we're here to help.

Most of the eight outfits you'll find below include the classic option: a ribbed white tank top. But you'll also find some black and beige ones in the mix, any of which you can switch out for any type of tank top that's in your closet. Because tank tops are so versatile, we found a wide range of outfits to wear with them—from denim shorts to brightly colored suits. Scroll to copy (and shop) them all, along with plenty of excellent tank tops to add to your collection.

Button-Down Shirt + Tank Top + Linen Pants + Sandals
Tank top outfit



This outfit works as well in the city as it does at the beach.

Tank Top + Denim Shorts + Ankle-Tie Sandals
Tank top and shorts outfit



Pairing a casual outfit with trendy shoes is a no-fail look.

Matching Set + Tank Top + Platforms
What to wear with tank tops



This chill combination is made even better with the addition of '70s-inspired platforms.

Leather Button-Down + Tank Top + Ripped Jeans
Tank top and jeans outfit



A vegan leather shacket is always the right thing to wear over a tank top.

Tank Top + Long Skirt + Clogs
Skirt and tank top outfit



Consider this the perfect summer sightseeing outfit.

Tank Top + Printed Jeans + Sneakers
Cool tank top outfit



Instead of regular jeans, try printed jeans.

Button-Down Shirt + Tank Top + Sweatshorts



This is our go-to outfit for relaxing (when we still want to look cool) in the summer.

Colorful Suit + Tank Top + White Shoes
Cool tank top outfits



In the summer, trade your turtleneck for a tank top with your suit and add a pair of white shoes of any style.

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