5 On-Trend Winter Work Outfits I'm Already Wearing

I’ve always been that girl who can get ready in under 20 minutes—in fact, it’s a hidden talent I’ve been fine-tuning for years. But it all came to a screeching halt in April. Why? Well, this tiny thing happened to me: I had a baby. After a blurry few months, I’m ready to get back on track with my routine, so planning out all my work outfits on Sunday night saves me from mornings of spilt coffee and milk stains.

Whether you’re in my shoes or you simply need to cut down on your getting-ready time, planning out your looks makes all the difference—trust me. I like looking for inspiration from fashion girls I follow, whether it’s the NYC style setter who always has a Veronica Beard jacket on or the L.A. girl who’s the walking definition of polished; finding on-trend outfits that excite me helps me plan my looks for the week. Here’s what I have my eye on right now…

Manic Mondays

Pictured: Veronica Beard jacket, sweater, jeans, and bootsBy Far bagAlighieri necklace

I get stressed out just looking at my normal Monday schedule. I’m running from conference room to conference room, so I look for outfits that can hold up and look put-together the entire day. I’m very into berry colors right now, which is why I’m starting the week off with this Veronica Beard blazer.

No-Jean Tuesdays

Pictured: Veronica Beard coat, top, skirt and boots; Little Liffner bagThe Row sunglasses

I’m challenging myself to not wear jeans every day, so a slip-style skirt in an on-trend dark floral like this one from Veronica Beard is my must-have for Tuesdays. I’ll complete my look with a belted statement jacket, inspired by NYC fashion girls, and a pair of booties.

Skirt-Suit Wednesdays

Pictured: Veronica Beard jacket, sweater, skirt, and shoes; Alexander Wang bag; Sophie Buhai earrings

Feeling a little intimidated at the thought of tackling hump day? Try pulling on a power suit. Rather than wearing this with a white T-shirt, I want to style it with a bell-sleeve sweater to add another touch of interest. This easy outfit formula gets me out the door in record time.

Colorful Thursdays

Pictured: Veronica Beard jacket and dress; Loeffler Randall bag; Neous shoes; Paola Vilas ring

I’ll be the first to admit that color is not my thing, but how can you resist the bold hues of this blazer and dress? I'm also an L.A.-based editor, so I can pull off strappy sandals even on a Thursday in November. If I’m able to get my babysitter to stay longer, I can totally grab drinks after work in this look.

Monochrome Fridays

Veronica Beard jackettop and pantMiu Miu sneakers; Zara belt

Ah, my comfort zone. For Friday, rather than going casual, I want to end the week in style with a chic classic color combination: beige, white, and black. If I have plans after work, I’ll throw on a pair of heels, take the jacket off, and head to dinner.

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