My Earring Collection Is Already Overflowing, But I Could Make Room for These

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Everyone has that one thing they buy over and over again. Maybe the search for the perfect pair of jeans has led you to own an overflowing stack of denim or maybe you're one of those people who can't stop buying shoes even if you wear the same three pairs (no judgment). For me though, it's my jewelry collection that seems to be in a constant state of growth since I can't stop buying trendy earrings.

I've shared before how I love to stack my ear with multiple baubles at any given time, and with all that real estate comes the responsibility to style it with an arrangement of cool and stylish earrings. Now, more than ever, earrings are an essential component of my outfits as I do my best to dress from the waist up for my various Zoom calls. I wear at least 10 earrings at any given time (I know) and while I normally wear thin gold huggies every day, I'm itching to add more fun statement pieces to my ever-expanding collection.

After doing some shopping, I decided that the following 28 are fitting the bill. From hoops to studs to pendants, keep scrolling to shop the pretty earrings I'm obsessing over right now.

My plain gold hoops were starting to feel tired and these are anything but.

Such an easy way to add color to my stack of huggies.

I'm not always into silver, but there's something about this angular shape that's speaking to me.

Because safety pin earrings are always a good idea.

This gold tab shape feels so modern and fresh.

I have the non-pavé version of these hoops and wear them constantly, so I know I'd cherish this glitzier pair.

Crafty jewelry is on the rise and this mismatched pair is actually such an elevated approach to the DIY look.

These modular hoops are made to be worn any number of ways, but I'm a big fan of the mixed metal look.

You have to see how this sits on the ear because it's seriously stunning.

Because the chain-link trend isn't limited to necklaces.

According to Marrow's designer, pastel-toned stones are the next big theme in fine jewelry.

The indie jewelry brand that Bella and Gigi adore.

These look far pricier than they really are. Just saying.

Unconventional pearls are always a yes for me.

I don't know why, but these are making me really excited for summer. Maybe it's because I can see them looking really good with a little beachy dress.

These wrap around your ear to create such a unique look but are also easy enough to be an everyday earring.

Fun fact: each pair of these earrings is handcrafted by women in East Africa.

Bookmarking these for when I'm tired of wearing gold all the time.