My Daughter and I Have the Same Style—We Both Live in These 8 Trendy Staples

Melissa Meyers and her daughter Rachel Meyers both have inspiring style. As a result, we turn to them on the regular for sartorial guidance. On that note, while this mother-daughter duo certainly both have their own personal styles, they actually share many similarities in the wardrobe department. Yep, they actually wear a lot of the same types of clothes and often gravitate towards the same trends each season. So with that in mind, we thought it could be entertaining to find out which items they're both wearing at the moment to potentially help inspire your 2021 offering.

Below you'll uncover the trendier staples the Meyers women are into at the moment. You'll also see how each of them style the pieces in question to make them their own. Naturally, you'll also find inspired shopping picks sprinkled throughout in case one of the pieces piques your interest to mix into your own rotation.

1. Relaxed Denim

On Meyers: Boyish denim

"You can never go wrong wearing denim, whether it's a trendy wide-leg moment or a full denim look."—Rachel

On Meyers: Boyish denim

2. Sweaterdresses

On Meyers: LBLC the Label dress

"For us, this season has been all about knits, so having a cozy-chic sweaterdress is a must. Style your knit dress with boots, flats, or classic heels."—Melissa

On Meyers: LBLC the Label dress

3. Puff-Sleeved Tops

On Meyers: MaisonCléo top

"The puff sleeve is a classic Parisian chic style that elevates any top into a statement piece."—Rachel

On Meyers: Livotte top

4. Sweatsuits

On Meyers: KATLA sweatsuit

"In 2021, sweatsuits will certainly continue to be our main go-to look. You don't even need to think about what you're wearing—just throw on your matching set, put on a pair of boots or sneakers, accessorize with jewelry, and you're good to go!"—Melissa

On Meyers: KATLA sweatsuit

5. Oversize Coats

On Meyers: Elaine Kim coat

"A must-have for the season is an oversize coat—it instantly adds sophistication to any outfit and leaves you with a trendy, polished look."—Rachel

On Meyers: LBLC the Label coat

6. Chunky Knits

On Meyers: Vintage Dior sweater

"Chunky sweaters are a necessity to stay warm and fashion-forward these days. Pair with leather trousers and boots or with jeans and sneakers."—Rachel

On Meyers: BB Dakota sweater

7. Mini Bags

On Meyers: Bandolier bag

"We like our bags small these days—just large enough to carry our essentials. These by Bandolier work double duty because you can attach your phone to them too!"—Melissa

8. Lug-Sole Boots

On Meyers: Ganni boots

"These boots are trending big time now. We've been living in ours and like to wear them with everything from sweats to jeans to dresses. We bought matching styles from Ganni this year."—Rachel

On Meyers: Ganni boots