I'm a 64-Year-Old Editor—These Are the Affordable Basics I Pack for Every Trip

Welcome to the busiest time of the year, everyone. Travel season is here. Whether you're flying home for the holidays or jetting off to a distant locale, the travel essentials you pack in your suitcase (and wear en route to your destination) can make or break your entire trip. Sounds dramatic, we know, but in our experience, there's no worse feeling than opening up your suitcase once you get there to find that you packed all wrong.

To help you avoid as much stress as possible when traveling over the holidays, we tapped our resident style expert, Susan Feldman. Susan is the founder of One King's Lane and In the Groove, a style destination where Feldman shares her age-defying outfits and shopping tips. Currently, she has a handful of essentials she rarely boards a plane, train, or hops in the car without and she's sharing each of them here today. From the accessory she loves to layer with to the one bag she always uses as a carry-on, keep reading to discover and shop her favorite six travel essentials.

Super-Soft Knits

"Everlane makes great cashmere sweaters in lots of gorgeous colors, although when I travel I usually pick a color and go with it. Typically it will be black or navy. It just makes it all so easy."

Wrap Blankets

"I always travel with a cashmere sweater and wrap. No matter if it is hot or cold I am always happy that I have them with me."

Low-Top Sneakers

"I do tend to get dressed from the feet up so I do tend to start my packing from the shoes up. This always means at least one pair of shoes that I know will be super comfy. I find you just can’t go wrong with a great pair of sneakers. I love my Golden Goose like these."

Leather Jacket

"I never leave home without a leather jacket. It is the perfect finishing touch for any outfit, and if it gets a little chilly on the plane it's nice to have to throw on."

Carry-On Duffle Bag

"I also have invested in a duffle for those longer trips because I will do anything not to check my bag. I bought this Louis Vuitton one on my first trip to Paris with my husband—I knew it was true love. I also really like this Madewell duffle as a more affordable version."

Wide-Brimmed Hat

"Whether it's hot or cold, I always feel it's important to have a hat with me at all times—we must protect our skin. Now that it's winter, I've been loving this Brixton one. The taupe goes with everything, and it is not so precious so I can just throw it in my bag."