The Shoe Trends Everyone Will Wear in 7 Months

We've been on future shoe trend watch for the past month (tough gig, we know). And now that Paris Fashion Week has drawn to a close and every designer has shared with the world the footwear they're endorsing for fall 2017, we've come to some conclusions.

We scanned the runways of New York, London, Milan, and Paris for shoe trends that appeared over and over again, and we narrowed it down to six that everyone is talking about now, and will be wearing come October. While you may be thinking, but spring hasn't even officially started, being in-the-know from the start will ensure that you get first dibs on the best styles before they sell out. Not only that, but it's not too soon to start wearing these trends today, especially if you really want to impress your friends with how trend-savvy you are (not that we had any doubts!). Ready to find out which shoe trends are coming for everyone's closets this fall?

Keep scrolling to see just a few of the runway examples of six of the biggest fall shoe trends, and shop our pick for each! 

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Opening Image: Getty Images