It Girls Are Wearing Hawaiian Shirts That Are 10 Times Cooler Than Your Dad's

Hawaiian Shirt Brand Tombolo Company



I just finished writing a story about fall boot trends, but this one's for anyone who can't accept the fact that it's nearing the end of summer (especially everyone on the West Coast who has another solid two months of warm weather ahead). I've been noticing one up-and-coming brand pop up on my Instagram feed and couldn't keep it to myself: Tombolo Company.

Tombolo is a Brooklyn-based brand designing unisex Hawaiian shirts that are a far cry from your dad's versions. Its website asserts that its "dying mission" is to "rescue the Hawaiian shirt from its kitschy niche." Intrigued? The brand goes on to explain how it differs from the Hawaiian shirts you're familiar with. "This isn't your dad's ill-fitting resort wear," the brand says. "With such a rich history, the Hawaiian shirt should push the envelope, with always original artwork and retro kink flair. Our generation deserves a reimagined tropical shirt. And this time around, not just for men." Scroll down to see how the coolest girls on Instagram are wearing Tombolo, and shop the brand for yourself. 

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