4 New Trends You Should Skip to Enhance Your Style


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With the ever-changing fashion world and trend cycle, it can seem daunting and quite frankly too much work to keep up with what's “in and out.” But that’s why you have us (hey there!). While we never want to steer you away from your personal style, a little sartorial guidance can be useful to determine which new looks are worth testing out—and alternatively worth skipping altogether.

To back us up on the items worth buying and ditching to take your style to the next level this season, we tapped Melissa Moylan, VP, Creative of Womenswear, at trend-forecasting mecca Fashion Snoops. But okay before we go further, we know the idea of “ditching” trends is a bit aggressive, but what we mean here is the idea that sometimes it’s okay to store certain pieces away to keep your look current and modern. Of course, at the end of the day, enhancing your style really just comes back to what makes you feel comfortable and confident. So interpret the below advice as you will.

But with that, keep scrolling for the trends worth shopping and skipping to help upgrade your style as you kick off the new year.

Shop: Biker Shorts. Skip: Hot Pants


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Shop: Bike Shorts

"Bike shorts are big news for 2019. Not only were they spotted on celebs this past summer from Kim Kardashian West to Hailey Baldwin, but they were all over the spring runways, which means a lot more options are headed our way. Although their origins lie in athletic gear, bike or cycle shorts are easily worn alone or as an under layer. A mid-rise and stretchy slim fit is essential, typically with hemlines landing just above the knee. Consider neon colors for added impact, and look out for branded elastic waistbands."

Skip: Hot Pants

"With bike shorts set to make a huge impact at retailers, hot pants downtrend. That's not to say that skin bearing styles aren't happening in some capacity. Look to mini silhouettes on dresses and skirts instead of shorts."

Shop: High-Waisted Jeans. Skip: Low-Rise Jeans


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Shop: High-Waisted Jeans

"The 80s are a big deal right now, and with that, high rise jeans are back in full effect. They're more flattering than in recent seasons and feature paperbag waists and tapered fits. To really push the 80s agenda, consider a pair of high-waist jeans with extreme bleach effects."

Skip: Low-Rise Jeans

"Low-rise jeans appear dated since higher waistlines are trending across most pants and jeans. Even if you're not willing to go that high with your denim, there are plenty of mid-rise options to choose from."

Shop: Pleated Skirts. Skip: High-Low Skirts


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Shop: Pleated Skirts

"Pleats aren't necessarily a new trend, but pleated skirts are definitely one of the most essential items for 2019. Hemlines generally favor midi or longer lengths, and slit details make them easier to wear. Consider pleated skirts in a fashion color or print for a fun update."  

Skip: High-Low Skirts

"Skirt silhouettes continue to span mini, mid, and maxi shapes, but not all at the same time. Asymmetric skirts provide a more current alternative to high-low styles."

Shop: Cargo Pants. Skip: Printed Leggings


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Shop: Cargo Pants

"Utility was a major trend on the spring 19 runways, and cargo pants are one of the best ways to channel it. As a favorite comeback item, cargos favor baggy silhouettes, while large pockets are the main focus. If you want to take utility to the next level, consider jumpsuits."

Skip: Printed Leggings

"As you could tell, there is a lot of newness when it comes to pants and shorts in 2019. For that reason, it's time to retire graphic printed leggings as everyday pants. The exception would be athletic brands serving up leggings for gym attire."