19 Investment-Worthy Pieces That Have Stood the Test of Time


Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Over the years, as I get further into my 30s, I've become more of an investment shopper than a fast-fashion shopper. While I love a good Zara find, I try to reserve the majority of my wardrobe budget for pieces that will still be cool years from now. In doing so, I've become well versed in those specific fashion items that have maintained the majority of their buzz over the years and grow more and more timeless in the process.

The 19 timeless investment pieces below may not all be affordable (some are!), but think of how much money adds up with those cheap thrills we all have a tendency to stock up on each season. You probably aren't still wearing many of them when the next season rolls around, right? The cult classics I've rounded up below will stay at the front of your closet for years to come because they're tried and true. They're well made, they hold their value, and they work well with other pieces in your wardrobe. Those are all of the boxes I like to check.

Shop the investment-worthy fashion items that you'll want to save up for below.