The Only Accessories You Really Need This Summer

During the blazing hot summer months, it's really easy for accessories to take a back seat. Sometimes, that's okay: when the heat is entirely too oppressive to stand, just getting dressed is a victory.

But most of the time, we could all do well to put just a wee bit more effort into how we accessorize our summer looks. (And no, you can't just toss on a beach hat every time!) To figure out this complicated maze, we consulted Banana Republic creative director Marissa Webb, who shared her thoughts on how to vanquish it.

Keep scrolling for what Marissa Webb thinks are the only accessories you really need during summer!

For summer, I’m always looking for great mid-height heels and dressy flats. I’m on my feet a lot, so having comfortable but chic shoes is important.

I love having options in sunglasses. I usually pick up a new pair of classic aviators each summer, but I also like to find a new shape or color for the summer.

I find myself always turning to pretty lace camisoles that can be layered under tanks, strappy dresses, or a deep neck. They add interest to your outfit while giving you coverage.

I love to layer, but in the heat, it’s definitely harder to do. So I layer up my jewelry instead: Bracelets, rings, and necklaces are some of my key accessories for summer.

I love a softly shaped neutral or light-colored handbag for summer.

Gauzy summer scarves that can be worn to work (or used as a beach wrap) are a must-have!

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What are YOUR favorite accessories for summer? Tell us below!