Preview The Crown's Gorgeous Costumes Before You Binge-Watch This Weekend

We hate to inform you, but you can officially kiss your weekend productivity goodbye: Netflix has debuted a brand-new show today, and you'll want to binge watch it for the next 72 hours. The Crown, which chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, is perhaps one of the most anticipated shows of the season: Back in September, we reported that it cost an estimated $156 million to produce. 

"Each season of The Crown will explore the political rivalries and personal intrigues across a decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, exploring the delicate balance between her private world and public life," Netflix said in a statement. Of course, a show about Buckingham Palace is not complete without royal style—but The Crown truly went above and beyond when it comes to the on-screen outfits. Need proof? We rounded up 11 amazing costumes that solidify The Crown as Netflix's chicest show ever. 

See our favorite costumes from The Crown, Netflix's new show premiering today!

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