12 Cool Button-Downs Available in Sizes 10 and Up


(Image credit: Mango)

Sourcing a button-down with the perfect fit is never an easy task. You’ve got to consider length, silhouette, fabrication, button spacing, collar style—the list goes on. And if you wear an “in-between” or plus size, the task can be even tricker. When in doubt, we recommend sizing up—as a general rule, it’s easier to take fabric away than to add it, and this is also true if you plan to tuck your shirt into trousers or a skirt. Secondly, we recommend opting for fabrics with a bit of give. Anything with from 1% to 5% spandex, jersey, or elastane will give you a bit more mobility and help reduce that dreaded gap between buttons. Lastly (and this may seem unrelated), investing is a quality seamless bra will make a huge difference in the fit of your tops, particularly for busty ladies. Keep these tips in mind, and keep scrolling to shop our top picks.

There you have it—plenty of fun options to carry you into the new season.

Managing Editor of Merchandising