What All the Cool Texan Women Are Wearing, in 13 Perfect Outfits

We report on personal style rather extensively here at Who What Wear headquarters. New designers we're spotting, fresh layering combinations we've never seen before, and the like. However, we'll be the first ones to lament that the geographical locations that garner more widespread recognition tend to be large metropolitan cities like New York City and Paris. However, anyone with an interest in fashion knows that strong style is not reserved for these cosmopolitan hubs alone. In fact, some of the more interesting takes on style come from unexpected spots. Take Georgia, for example, the home of designer Demna Gvasalia.

Circling back west, though, we decided to investigate (aka Instagram-stalk) what women in Texas are wearing right now, and what we found was thoroughly inspiring. Sure, there were some Western-inspired boots and hats, but we also found ensembles that felt like a fresh detour from the cliche of southern style. To see what we mean, scroll down for 13 spot-on looks from the women of the Lone Star State and shop our picks at the end to steal their style.

Who: Brandy G
What: @authentically.b
Where: Houston

Who: Bushra
What: @bushrashid
Where: Austin

Who: Alice
What: @lonestar.looking.glass
Where: Houston

WhoCourtney Kerr
What: @kerrently
Where: Dallas

Who: Meghan A.
What: @imgoodlikemeghan
Where: Houston

Who: Nikki Gamble
Where: Houston

Who: Shelbi
What: @itsallchictome
Where: Austin

Who: Shay Sweeney
What: @shaymone
Where: Houston

Who: Steph Taylor Jackson
What: @stephtaylorjackson
Where: Dallas

Who: Amanda Miller Pollard
What: @themilleraffect
Where: Rockwall

Who: Dede Raad
What: @dressupbuttercup
Where: Houston

Who: Katey McFarlan Hellman
What: @kateymcfarlan
Where: Texas

Who: Kate
What: @lonestarsouthern
Where: Dallas

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