Why I'm a Big Fan of Botox (Plus 15 Skin Products I Love, Too)

Teni Panosian's go-to skincare products


Teni Panosian

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go round.

Like it or not, Teni Panosian—beauty influencer, YouTuber, and founder of Monday Born—thinks we're finally in a place where we don't need to whisper about Botox anymore. "When used conservatively, it’s one of the best treatments to keep deep lines from forming in your skin. It doesn’t change your face, it helps preserve your skin’s form," says Panosian, who has been getting it since she was 28. The 36-year-old multi-hyphenate doesn't just rely on fancy treatments, though; she's been a skincare and makeup fan for much of her life, often spending hours at her local Sephora reading product labels and testing out shades. "Outside of art, [makeup and skincare] actually lit my fire and made me feel passionate," she says.

Teni Panosian's favorite skincare products


Teni Panosian

That passion led her to start her own blog and YouTube channel, which at publishing has close to 90 million views, that has allowed her to test hundreds of different products for her tutorials and reviews. During this time, she's learned a lot: Like how you don't need a lot of steps and products in your routine to have good skin. In fact, Panosian says she saw the most notable improvement in her complexion when she simplified her routine. Also, it turns out drinking two liters of water a day actually does make your skin look fresh. But arguably the most important lesson she learned was to never try to force good skin. "I overused acids for a while in my 20s and ended up with leathery, dry skin. The worst part was it didn't even get rid of the texture and breakouts. Good results won't come overnight; you just have to be patient," says Panosian.

Patient is exactly what she was. After a decade, she brought all of her experience and knowledge into launching her own line of gentle vegan skincare, Monday Born, which has been in business for a year now. Even though she's focused on her brand, she still gets joy from testing others, too, and has discovered a handful of great products along the way. Keep scrolling for Panosian's current favorite product lineup.

"A really solid moisturizer. Feels like the type of moisturizer that would suit most skin types, too, so that’s a plus. My skin loves it!"

"I like a deeper tan, especially on my face, and my face is always so much lighter than my body. This cream is fantastic. It gives me a subtle boost in my complexion in the morning when I’ve applied it the night before at the end of my skincare routine."

"The best addition to my skincare routine, hands down. With a low molecular weight, Source penetrates deep into my skin and gives me much-needed hydration and moisture. As a result, all my other products end up working better because my skin barrier is in great shape after having used it."

"Rebirth is responsible for the biggest transformation in my skin. Between texture, fine lines, pores, and redness, it’s solved almost all of my skin issues. Best part is that, as an exfoliating serum, it’s actually gentle enough for sensitive skin."

"I love the concept behind this product: an oil serum. It has a really unique texture, feels nice and soothing on my skin, and is really hydrating. It might sound weird, but my favorite thing about it is the strong scent."

"I have a few moisturizers on rotation that I love, but this one might be my favorite. It's made with a complex of Korean red ginseng and retinol, which moisturizes and addresses signs of aging. It just has a really nice texture, and my skin responds well to it."

"I know the founder of Kaprielle, and she is such a proponent for natural skincare. Tamar formulates her products herself (her most popular is the 24k gold mask, which I love), and I’ve seen beautiful results with this oil. Her products are high quality, no fluff."

"Another solid moisturizer. Especially if you’re on the dry side, this is a great pick."

"If you said, 'I want luxury on my skin. What should I use?' I’d say the Tom Ford Research collection. This serum and the Crème Concentrate are next-level when it comes to transforming skin’s bounce and moisture; my skin instantly plumps up when I use them."

"Ever since I had the pleasure of meeting the La Mer team and learning all about Max Huber’s formulation process, I became a forever fan. This cooling, lightweight gel-cream is one of my favorites, and my skin has always been happy and refreshed anytime I’ve used it."

"I’m very skeptical about eye creams in general, but this new formula from Caudalíe got my attention. They’ve incorporated a vegan collagen alternative along with resveratrol, which is a powerful antioxidant, and our eyes could always use more protection. So far it’s been helping keep my eye area look and feel tighter, so I’m looking forward to continuing this as part of my routine."

"This is one of the few products that’s left a lasting impression on me. From the very first time I tried it, my skin looked incredible. It’s hard to imagine a product so unassuming could make such an impact (it’s watery in texture, much like a toner), but it really does!"

"This serum works wonders, especially when there’s a skin issue like redness or acne happening. I’ve used it on healing cuts, too, and it works beautifully to minimize redness and scarring. My cousin said this was the only product that really helped his acne, so I know between my experience and his that this was a stellar product."

"I decided to try this about a year ago. It's vegan and claimed to grow hair longer and fuller, so I figured I’d give it a shot. It actually produced really nice results! I used it every night for three months and saw noticeable results but didn’t continue for a long time after that. They have some new products that I think I’m going to try as well."

"I take an omega-3 supplement because it’s great for skin and hair. The Barlean’s fish oil is fantastic because it comes in different flavors, and there isn’t a trace of a fishy smell or taste. I take the mango-peach smoothie flavor, and it’s hard to stop myself at just one tablespoon because it tastes so good!"