The Next Big Swimsuit Trend You're About to See All Over Instagram

As one of Who What Wear’s L.A. editors, I’m always on the lookout for new swimsuit trends. After all, the Pacific is in our backyard, so there’s a reason to keep up with everything new when it comes to swimsuits. So when I recently discovered “scrunchie” swimsuits, I decided it was time to share them with everyone.

I’ll tie this back to a meeting I had with Guia Cleps of Reina Olga. She visited L.A. and showed me her recent collection, and I was immediately smitten. The “scrunch” swimsuit, designed as a one-size-fits-most style, grabbed me, and I couldn’t wait to try it for myself. So when a particularly amazing spell of California weather hit the coast, I took the opportunity to wear it. And let me tell you, I’m a huge fan. Reina Olga’s particular style weighs heavily on ’80s silhouettes and fun pastel colors (of which, I am a huge fan). But I’m on board with the trend overall. Whether it’s bunchy styles like the one-piece I tried or retro smocked bikinis like the ones I’ve been seeing everywhere, I’m placing my bets that this will be the big swimsuit trend for summer. Ahead shop my favorite versions.

See how I'm wearing the trend

I decided to give the swimsuit trend a try, wearing Reina Olga’s scrunch swimsuit.

And my verdict? I’m very on board with “scrunchie” swimsuits. I have a feeling I’ll be adding more to my summer wardrobe next month.

Shop more styles here

I guess it won’t be too hard to guess which swimsuit I’ll be wearing this summer. This $16 bikini from Amazon might be the next one I’m trying.