We're Both Confused and Intrigued by the One-Piece-Kini

If you just read this headline and had absolutely no idea what a one-piece-kini was, don’t worry—you’re not suddenly out of the loop or behind on the latest trends. You’ve likely never heard of it because I just made it up. Well, I technically made it up a few weeks ago when I pitched this story on the countless one-piece/bikini hybrid swimsuits I was seeing on the internet, and here we are today!

So what in the world is it? Think of it like a cutout one-piece taken up a notch. It has the appearance of a bikini, but it features some form of seam, tie, or embellishment that connects the top to the bottom, making it technically a one-piece. To be honest, when I first started seeing them around, I was, as the title of this post alludes, pretty confused and on the fence about the suit, but after doing some research and seeing more and more iterations both on influencers and e-commerce sites, I’m admittedly coming around to the newest swimwear trend on the block.

Another redeeming quality is that with so many options ranging from super-daring to subtle, you can really take it any way you want. See what I mean below, and if you end up on board, shop some of my favorite one-piece-kinis along the way.