I'm a Stylist—Here Are 7 Sustainable Brands I Always Wear

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When it comes to stylists, Rachael Wang is one of the most sought-after in the business. She's renowned for her razor-sharp eye for editorial shoots and iconic street style looks, as her exacting taste in fashion is simply exquisite. Beyond just aesthetics, though, the New York–based stylist has made another name for herself as an early champion of environmentally friendly fashion, ethical brands, and secondhand pieces, and she is actively working to change what people think about sustainable fashion.

Her refreshing approach to fashion carries over to the outfits you’ll spot her wearing IRL, so I was naturally curious to find out the sustainable brands that are in the heaviest rotation in her wardrobe. These are all labels she’s worn from the streets at fashion week to her Instagram feed, so prepare to be inspired. Ahead, Wang is sharing the seven sustainable designers she always wears. I guarantee you’ll reconsider what you think about sustainable brands.

1. Mara Hoffman


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"I love that Mara Hoffman doesn't let her responsible design process limit her creativity. Her pieces are dramatic, joyful, and unapologetically fashion yet made from low-environmental fabrics and in small factories where workers are paid fairly."

Shop Mara Hoffman:

2. Levi's Secondhand


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"Thrifting is my favorite low-impact way to shop. Levi's has made it even easier to find perfectly worn-in jeans with its secondhand site."

Shop Levi's secondhand:

3. Wonther


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"Wonther makes beautiful classic jewelry certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council."

Shop Wonther:

4. Jungmaven


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"Jungmaven makes my all-time favorite T-shirt, which happens to be made from hemp. It's been making tees since the '90s out of this lower-environmental-impact textile. I also really love its chore coats."

Shop Jungmaven:

5. Sonia Carrasco


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"Sonia Carrasco's collection is a unique take on minimalism, and I love that she designs and manufactures all within one city, Barcelona, and with certified organic and certified recycled textiles."

Shop Sonia Carrasco:

6. .Blacktogrey


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"I'm really excited about made-to-order fashion as a way to reduce the enormous amount of waste the fashion industry is responsible for producing. The entire .Blacktogrey collection is made to order as well as recycled through a take-back program."

Shop .Blacktogrey:

7. Back Beat Co.


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"I wish more fashion brands were like Back Beat Co. Founder and Creative Director Isadora Alvarez is absolutely uncompromising in her ideals when it comes to the textiles she designs with and the labor conditions and wages of her workers."

Shop Back Beat Co.:

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