Prediction: This Unexpected Swim Trend Will Be Everywhere by June 21

It's hard to even broach the topic of swimwear when, as I sit down to write this, I'm wearing two sweaters and curled up with a cup of tea, but here we are. Perhaps I'm looking forward to the warmer months to come to get my mind off the current winter climate, but if we're really being honest here, I've been anticipating the return of swim season since I said goodbye to my tan lines back in the fall. But summer will be here eventually, and by that time I fully plan on having my swimsuit drawer stocked up with the freshest 2019 swim trends.

Are you with me? Good, because there's one swim trend, in particular, that I can't stop thinking about: surf swimwear, and really anything inspired by surf culture, from rash guards and board shorts to regular bikinis with a sporty or technical influence. Seeing as surf-, skate-, and cycling-inspired fashion is starting to bubble up for spring and summer (see tourist sandals, tie-dye, and bike shorts, obvi), surf-inspired swimwear is only a natural extension.

Even if you never plan on trying your hand at surfing, the sun protection these technical pieces provide is a major perk for your skin. As such, Australians have been the first to embrace the surf swim trend for two major reasons. Firstly, their summer is during our winter (aka right now), so they always lead by a season ahead of us in the swim category, and secondly, the ozone layer has thinned Down Under, requiring that Aussies get serious about their sun protection. Enter tech swimwear.

Keep reading to see and shop the surf-inspired swim trend now (before all your friends eventually do).

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