5 Outdated Sunglasses I'm Saying Goodbye to—Plus Their 2023 Replacements

When you're a fashion person, sunglasses are the beginning and end of every outfit that you create. They're the icing on the cake, the perfect finishing touch, the je ne sais quoi that pulls it all together. At least that is when you're wearing a style that's extremely on-trend.

Growing up, I'll admit that I was a bit of a snob and during my teenage years entered a phase where I insisted on only wearing designer sunglasses. Oh, how times have changed. I love a trendy pair of shades that make my outfit pop and next to a $400+ option my favorite sunglasses just so happen to be under $20. What's funny is that since I've humbled myself in terms of eyewear, my style has only gotten better.

So with this, I ask for you to take a chance on a pair of trendy frames that will replace an outdated pair that you might have splurged a bit too much on. I'm still investing in the trends that will last a lifetime (like oversize Celine sunglasses), but if a trend is new to you and you're not quite ready to dive right in, there are plenty of options to try out the trend before fully committing. Below, find the five sunglasses trends that are replacing the outdated eyewear that is currently holding you back.

Skipping: Tiny Sunglasses
Shopping: Oversize Everything


Alberta Ferretti via Imaxtree, @greceghanem

I've seen a lot of runway shows this past year, but none have captured my attention like the Celine winter 2023 collection. The show was a peak indie sleaze revival featuring everyone's favorite aspects of the 2010s. The trend was also seen amongst many other brands including Ferretti and gives the ultimate "f*ck you" vibe that I'm after. And in the meantime, tiny sunglasses can take the backseat.

Skipping: Floral Prints
Shopping: Motorsport


Alyx via Imaxtree, @champagnemani

Leave your dainty, floral-printed, Woodstock-era sunglasses behind. We're in sports mode. There's just something about sporty sunglasses that instantly give off a cool-girl vibe. Whenever I'm not totally feeling my outfit, I pop these on and the results are noteworthy. Talk about instant confidence.

Skipping: Hexagon Frames
Shopping: Angular Cat-Eyes


Courtesy of Dior, @nitsanraiter

An angular cat-eye frame simply says, "I mean business." Something about the sharpness of the angles really speaks to fashion insiders these days. It feels like a modern development on the traditional cat-eye style that was viral just a few years ago. If you want trendy sunglasses that also feel classic, I suggest giving this trend a try.

Skipping: Multicolored Frames
Shopping: Colored Lenses


Courtesy of Gucci, @discodaydream

The perfect way to add a subtle pop of color to your OOTD is with a pair of sunglasses that have pretty lenses. The Gucci fashion show that occurred just a few weeks ago in Milan instantly inspired me to buy a new pair. 

Skipping: Circular Frames
Shopping: Futuristic Aviator


Courtesy of Fendi, @devapollon

Aviator sunglasses are getting an upgrade in 2023. Think everything but the classic style that pilots wore without straying too far away from the frame's roots. Look for colored lenses, angular frames, and extra-wide styles.