The Mermaidcore Aesthetic Is About to Be Everywhere

Would you believe me if I told you that the cool girls are currently trying to dress like mermaids? Well, it's true. I have had multiple friends laugh out loud when I tried to inform them of this trend, but it's a real thing. With the stamp of approval from Alaïa and Bottega Veneta, mermaidcore is set to take over in 2023, especially with spring and summer on the horizon.

The trending aesthetic comes to us in mysterious ways. During New York Fashion Week, I set out to find a way to style mermaidcore without it appearing to look like that was my intention. This decision led me to a billowing cutout maxi skirt that gathered a long list of compliments. Now that this trend is editor tested and approved allow me to display the runway that backs it up. 


As seen on the runways:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Bottega Veneta)

My favorite example of mermaidcore just so happens to be this Bottega Veneta look. It really cemented my belief that this aesthetic is much more than a social media trend but will be a part of the social elite as well.


(Image credit: Getty Images/Balmain)

This moment at Balmain proved that mermaidcore is for neutral enthusiasts too. I think the first thought about what a mermaid might wear goes instantly to the idea that it would be something bright and colorful but here's a sign that minimalists can wear it too.


(Image credit: Courtesy of ALAÏA)

Alaïa is quite particular about which trends it dives into, so seeing a look that was so mermaidcore-esque was quite enjoyable for me. You're going to see skirts of this nature re-created by all of your favorite brands.

Shop the mermaidcore aesthetic:

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