I'm a Trend Expert—These Sunglass Shapes Will Be the Biggest in 2023


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You can’t go wrong with the classics when it comes to sunglasses. You know, aviator, round, and even cat-eye silhouettes. Well, if you’re interested in refreshing your sunglasses game with a style that will feel particularly relevant and forward, the new It shapes are coming your way below. 

On that note, Sunglass Hut trend expert Heather Feldman, offered up the shapes she deems the trending styles for 2023. If you keep scrolling, you’ll uncover visual and styling inspiration showcasing the new must-have sunglasses, along with intel from Feldman. Naturally, you’ll find shopping recommendations from Sunglass Hut. If you go a bit further, you’ll also notice even more cool sunglasses that could be worth adding to your rotation.

Dopamine Daydream


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"Products that give us a sense of optimism (evolution of dopamine dressing) are trending with playful designs, '90s/2000s revival, vibrant colorways, artsy executions, digital hues, sparkles… We’re planning on seeing lots of colorful monochrome transparencies in eyewear." — Feldman

Minimal Reworked


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"Metal frames are back, silver especially. Neutral color palette, sheer skin tone silhouettes, pastels, nature-inspired materials/patterns, classic shapes, smart details, comfortable yet luxurious. The opposite end of the spectrum from the euphoric trend story. These styles are updates on staples and wonderfully familiar. Big return of double bridge styles." — Feldman

Everyday Active Appeal


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"The blending realms of fashion and sport will trudge forward into 2023, and we will continue to see the outdoors as a major influence in style and colors for eyewear. As sporty wrap frames increasingly become an everyday accessory, many variations enter the mainstream. Utilizing softer or bolder color palettes, more fluid silhouettes, embellishments, tinted lenses, and transparent frames. Luxe wraps will maintain trending power, and we will continue to see new variations on the trend, playing on construction, size, and lens. Soft mirror lenses are definitely up-trending thanks to this active aesthetic." — Feldman

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Bobby Schuessler
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