7 Fashion Editors on the Perfect Last-Minute Gifts

I don’t generally consider myself to be a slacker. At least I hadn’t up until the moment I found myself without gifts for quite a few people—including my two best friends, my boss, and my sister (all of whom will probably read this, sigh)—less than two weeks from the holidays. I was hours away from 1) panicking and 2) settling on the same sad gift card for all four women… But then my fellow editors reminded me of the perfect gift: sunglasses.

The idea is actually quite genius because the accessory ticks off both the boxes I usually require in gifts, namely that they’ll be worn frequently and are unique to each receiver’s personal taste. Curious to see what my fellow editors would select, I asked for their top choices from my favorite Vogue Eyewear collection (available at Sunglass Hut—easy!) and who they’d gift them to (not that they’re excited about the prospect of giving them away, but ’tis the season).