8 Trends I Will (and Won't) Be Buying for Summer


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I basically spot trends for a living and am constantly keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest of them to hit the fashion world. But just because I have my eye on all of them doesn't mean that 100% of the current trends will eventually find their way into my closet. If I did buy into every new trend all the retailers were selling, I'd end up looking, well, not like myself at all. So knowing how to pick and choose the styles to buy into and those to skip is crucial to maintaining a strong sense of personal style. Get the gist?

If you, too, usually take an edited approach to shopping for trend pieces, then you might just be inspired my below edit of summer trends to skip and those to buy. While I have nothing personal against the trends I'm choosing not to buy, I've simply decided that they're just not for me. Honestly, that decision is pretty liberating—it feels satisfying to say no to some of the trends that everyone is pushing at the moment. So if you're curious about which summer styles I will and won't be investing in, keep reading to find out my reasoning for each and to shop the one I fully plan on adding to my closet.

Won't Buy: Shell Jewelry

I bought into the shell jewelry trend last summer and while it added a cool beachy touch to my outfits, I didn't end up wearing my pieces nearly as much as I had anticipated. A bit too specific a trend for me!

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Will Buy: Multicolor Beads

Instead, I'll be looking to add a few multicolor bracelets and necklaces to my arsenal for some fun pops of color and I think the styles on offer are versatile enough that I'll be able to keep wearing them no matter the season.

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Won't Buy: Wedges

I'm probably in the minority here, but I still can't get on board with the current wedge trend. I bought into the trend last summer with a sleek PVC pair, but every time I try to style them, I end up choosing a more traditionally flattering sandal over them (a definite sign that wedges and I just don't mesh). Who knows, maybe I'll have a sudden stroke of inspiration to dust off my pair once I see everyone else wearing them this summer, but until then I'll remain loyal to my other heeled sandals.

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Will Buy: Thinly Strapped Sandals

I'm convinced this is the one pair of shoes that literally goes with everything. The thinner the straps, the better, in my opinion, especially sandals with asymmetric straps that give a nod to the '90s.

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Won't Buy: Shield Sunglasses

I'll admit this look is trending hard right now, and I've even featured it in my trend stories before, but ultimately, it's just not one that suits me. What can I say? It's me, not you, shield sunglasses. I simply prefer an eyewear look that's a bit more classic and bit less sporty.

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Will Buy: '70s Shades

Speaking of classic, I've noticed that retro shades with warm-toned lenses and tortoiseshell frames are starting to bubble up, and I've decided to buy into it myself.

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Won't Buy: Long and Tight Denim Shorts

Loose-fitting denim Bermuda shorts are one thing, but I just can't get on board with the super-fitted, knee-grazing styles that mimic spandex cycling shorts. I feel at that point I'd rather just throw on a pair of actual spandex bike shorts since they're way comfier anyway.

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Will Buy: Bermuda Shorts

Longer shorts are popping up in all styles and fits for summer, so instead of long denim styles, I'll be trying out Bermuda shorts that are more trouser-inspired.

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