5 Eyewear Trends That Are Coming for Your Instagram Feed in 2019

When it comes to sunglasses, we all have a favorite style that simply works with our face shape. Whether aviator, round, square, cat eye, rectangular or another classic silhouette, it’s almost mandatory to have a pair that goes with you wherever you go—no matter if it’s for practical or aesthetic reasons. Of course, sunglasses aren’t immune to trends. So, just like your clothing, each season there are batches that merge old silhouettes and new ones alike and take them to a whole new level.

In 2018, it was all about tiny frames. We know, shocking. You couldn’t open your Instagram feed without spotting one in the first 5 seconds. They were everywhere from your favorite celebrities to your own very closet (no need to be ashamed). However, in 2019, you might want to give them a well-needed break.

The New Year comes with a few trends that just might take you out of your sunglasses comfort zone. Spotted on the spring/summer 2019 runways (and soon to an Instagram near you), were trends that favored the bold. From futuristic shield sunglasses both sporty and classic in shape and oversized geometrical sunnies to patterned and bedazzled shades, the options are definitely the opposite from small shades. Sure, those tiny frames also came in bold colors and interesting shapes, but there’s something about a complete 180 that makes these upcoming trends even more challenging (in an alluring way).

If you want to experiment with what other shapes that go with your face and can't wait for the sunnier days ahead, scroll on. Don’t worry though, if bigger and bolder isn’t your thing, there’s a classic shape that’s going to be in as well.

Patterned Frames 

Prints are always our favorite thing about spring and summer, so it's only natural that we also incorporate them in the frames of our favorite sunglasses. That's why you should take note from Christian Siriano's and Fendi's S/S 19 collection.

Give tortoise a break and get these. 

You still can't escape the animal print in 2019, though.

Match these with your checkered Vans. 

Blinged Out 

If we do say so ourselves, jewel-encrusted shades are the right amount of extra. Whether they take the whole frame à la Givenchy S/S 19 or only have bedazzled accents as we saw down Miu Miu's runway, this trend is a great conversation starter.

Dare we say, these will give your 2019 outfits an edge. 

You don't see glitter lenses everyday, do you? 

Futuristic Sunglasses

From Stella McCartney to 3.1 Phillip Lim, futuristic shield like and sporty sunnies were everywhere, which are perfect to mix and contrast with feminine attire or keep it down the athleisure street style alley.

Who will need a viso hat when you'll have these? 

Big Square Lenses 

The '70s called, and it wants you to wear big square sunglasses—and so does brands like Dior and Gucci. The best part? They're ideal to just block your entire face when Mercury is in retrograde and everything is going wrong. 

How many Bonny and Clyde references can you say while wearing these? 

Cat Eyes

Cat-eye frames are a favorite because they elongate your face and emphasize your cheekbones, so it's no wonder why it's back in the roster of sunglass trends. Whether a classic black or tortoiseshell style, you can either buy a new pair or take out for a spin the ones you forgot you had.