5 Standout Summer Trends to Start Shopping Now

While we don't like to play favorites, we will dare to suggest that summer is the most fun season to shop for. Think of all the outfits you've dreamed up specifically for the pomp and circumstance that come with poolside lounging or the comfy-but-Instagram-worthy airport looks you're envisioning traveling to Cuba in.

To help you update your summer looks in a snap, we've rounded up our favorite pieces that embrace the top trends, from shimmery gold to nautical stripes. And because we prefer that all of our trendy pieces get plenty of use, we're showing off the various ways you can work these trends into your summer rotation, whether it's with a studded denim topper or some below-the-ankle action from Havaianas.

Keep reading to see the fashion light; just don't forget your SPF.

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