5 Standout Summer Trends to Start Shopping Now

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While we don't like to play favorites, we will dare to suggest that summer is the most fun season to shop for. Think of all the outfits you've dreamed up specifically for the pomp and circumstance that come with poolside lounging or the comfy-but-Instagram-worthy airport looks you're envisioning traveling to Cuba in.

To help you update your summer looks in a snap, we've rounded up our favorite pieces that embrace the top trends, from shimmery gold to nautical stripes. And because we prefer that all of our trendy pieces get plenty of use, we're showing off the various ways you can work these trends into your summer rotation, whether it's with a studded denim topper or some below-the-ankle action from Havaianas.

Keep reading to see the fashion light; just don't forget your SPF.



As the color most closely representing sunshine, gold will forever be our go-to metallic hue for summer. And while in other seasons, a gold lamé swimsuit might be considered a little extra, during summer, no one bats an eye—especially when you're poolside. If it still feels like a little too much, try wearing it as a bodysuit with faded denim and an oversize white button-down, revealing just a flash of gold. And don't stop there: Add in these elevated gold metallic sandals and mirrored gold sunglasses for a summer-infused look to outshine them all. Too bold? An easy way to add a hint of gold is through your jewelry, of course.

Studded Hardware


Studded hardware instantly toughens up any piece and adds a refined edge to your summer wardrobe. Case in point: this denim jacket and nude leather saddle bag complete with gold studs that take the summer staples to the next level. Likewise, this embellishment adds extra style to these gold gladiator-inspired Havaianas sandals, making them a slick way to transition from beach to street.

Retro Zigzags


Sixties-inspired zigzag prints add a nostalgic touch to any outfit, but they can also be easily updated for the modern wardrobe. This flattering one-piece evokes the laid-back luxury of the Italian Riviera, while the sandals reveal just a hint of the print when you have them on. If you're headed to the beach, try this luxe beach blanket or neutral carryall.

Circular Hardware


Round hardware has literally been everywhere this season, from oversize earrings to handbag buckles. Havaianas has elevated the flip-flop standard by incorporating one of the biggest accessory trends of the past year into these sandals, allowing you to embrace the trend beachside. We also love round hardware as eyelets down the sides of denim and done more traditionally on a handbag or minimalistic jewelry.



Nothing says summer more than nautical touches like red-and-white or blue-and-white stripes. And armed with the right pieces, you can achieve an effortlessly chic nautical look that's subtle (read: no costume-y Fourth of July vibes). We love the sporty appeal of this athletic-inspired swimsuit topped off by an oversize hat. Lastly, the sandals reveal just a hint of red and white stripes when worn.

Want more ways to embrace summer's biggest trends? Shop of-the-moment sandals at Havaianas.com.

Jamie McKillop
Branded Content Editor

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