I'm 35, and I'm Actually Going to Wear These 5 TikTok Fashion Trends

Despite the general perception that TikTok is the digital playground for Gen Z kids with aspirations to become meme-makers or start a dance craze, statistics tell another story. According to the data, there's been a recent, notable rise in 30-something women engaging with the platform, and I'm one of them. 

Now, this may be down to the fact that my algorithm hasn't been finely tuned at this point, but I'm not necessarily seeing these 30-somethings present on my feed. They may be tuning in, swiping and saving, but are they actually producing content? I'm not sure. What I do know, however, is that the more I look, the more I can see that the genus of all of the latest top-line trends is born here, and for an editor, that is important. Instagram might cement the trends, but TikTok is laying the foundations in a less polished and, dare I say it, more authentic way. 


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There are people on this platform who just adore fashion and getting dressed up, and their wardrobes aren't necessarily filled to the rafters with designer goods or gifted items (yet). Instead, you get a somewhat bizarre glimpse into real personal style across the globe, and it's starting to create subcultures and tribes where everything had begun to feel a little homogenous.

Right now, there is a handful of summer TikTok trends that I'm interested in. Some (like anything that just hits as too noughties, feels too revealing or taps into the "coconut girl" vibe) won't find their way into my wardrobe, but some current themes are definitely worth jotting down. Keep scrolling to see which TikTok summer fashion trends I'll be adopting.



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The year is 2021, but the look is a mishmash of '60s Pucci-inspired prints via '90s silhouettes. Psychedelic patterns are trending all over the internet, and there's absolutely nothing subtle about them, which is something I actually appreciate in my summer wardrobe. It's the kind of trend that you make an entrance in even if you're wearing something quite modest in cut and laid-back in feel.

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Millennials will forever be tied to pink (whether they like it or not), but Gen Z are showing up for all shades of green. Particularly prevalent on TikTok is a subcategory for all greens that are zesty, limey and acidic. Worn head to toe or as a colour injection alongside more subdued hues, this is one trend anyone can adopt in their own way.

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#3. Complex Layering


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Blame it on the popular video-editing trend for slo-mo outfit-change walks to Bruno Mars's "Talking to the Moon" Sickmix, but things are getting very creative on the layering front. Most commonly, I'm seeing shirts and blouses layered under dresses (even ones with sleeves) and knitted vests over everything. It's a great way to get extra mileage out of your existing clothing and particularly useful to gather these ideas ahead of autumn when layering seems more desirable.

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#4. Bra Tops + Blazers


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Okay, I probably wouldn't be brave enough to wear a bra top, blazer and denim cut-offs, but add some tailored, matching suit trousers in place of the shorts, and you have yourself a deal. Crop tops and bra tops aren't a new trend, but they are very visible all over TikTok, and the more I see them, the more I'm tempted to just do it.

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#5. Princess Shoes


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It's a tale of two halves on TikTok: You're either wearing sneakers or you're in the highest, sparkliest, most elaborate shoes. Glittery, bow-front, ankle-strapped courts don't feel like they suit my lifestyle right now, but they make me want to change that! And if fashion can't be transformative, then what's the point?

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Hannah Almassi
Editor in Chief

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