These Sneakers Are a Must for Summer—Here Are 3 Ways to Style Them

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When it comes to summer shoes, Georgie Morley (the photographer you've definitely seen sharing her East Coast style all over TikTok) is certain she's found the perfect pair. And what might those be, you're wondering? A pair of platform Sperry sneakers inspired by the classic boat shoe. "I love crisp, white shoes for summer," the Nantucket native tells me. "They instantly give you that on-the-water feeling when you put them on. And the classic white just adds to the versatility. They're sleek enough to dress up or down." I'm someone who likes to invest in one pair of shoes to wear with basically everything in my closet (not to mention I'm an avid lover of neutrals), so naturally, I'm intrigued. Luckily for me, Morley is sharing three ways she's styling these shoes below. And between the ecru pants, pretty dresses, and breezy linen tops, these looks are more than ready to be packed on your next getaway (or worn on a warm summer weekend at home). Ready to see what she put together? Keep scrolling, and start making room in your closet for a new pair of shoes.


Nothing is more timeless or versatile than a classic white shoe like Sperry’s platform sneaker. They’re comfortable & easy to style which makes them instantly vacation ready. I’ll be wearing these all summer long @Sperry #SperryStyle #SperryAlwaysNew #ad

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(Image credit: @georgiemorley)

"I wanted to create a neutral, monochrome-ish outfit, so I paired the ecru wide-leg pants with a tan sweater and white platform sneakers.These boat shoe–inspired sneakers and surfboard sweater both create a subtle ocean aesthetic that gives this outfit an unmistakably summer feeling. I'm already planning on wearing this look while watching the sunset on the beach with friends and a bottle of wine." — Morley


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"This look screams coastal grandmother. I was inspired by where I live in New England. The style is so timeless and quintessentially summer. It gets chilly here on Nantucket, even in the summer, so you always need layers like blouses and sweaters. Truthfully, this is my go-to out-and-about outfit—you can wear it anywhere. It's so easy to wear and remix over and over. And the shoes play up that classic, heritage New England feeling." — Morley


(Image credit: @georgiemorley)

"I wanted to mix the shoes with a dress and loved the casual, flowy factor of this purple-checked dress. I love the combination of sneakers with a dress. It feels so fun and youthful! I'd wear this for a casual date night or lunch with my friends. The look is comfortable enough to be active in, too. It's so fun to make a dress a little more casual with sneakers. The white canvas and platform also bring a modern, youthful edge to the outfit." — Morley


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