6 "Ugly" Summer Sandal Trends I'm Refusing to Ditch

If I had it my way, my summer wardrobe would consist solely of bikinis and big T-shirts, but since that doesn't really fly in the real world, I find myself letting loose a bit more in other areas of the sartorial spectrum. One of those areas just so happens to be footwear. While I am all for a chic shoe moment, summer always gives me the courage to get experimental with my shoes, and this season, I am leaning hard into the six "ugly" sandal trends ahead. 

As we've said time and again, "ugly" trends aren't really ugly at all; they simply aren't as "pretty" as, let's say, a delicate kitten heel and definitely feel a tad riskier to test out. Make sense? Ahead, I have listed out the six "ugly" summer sandal trends that I love a lot. Some of the selected are ones you've certainly heard of before, while others are fresh to the scene, but either way, I am here to welcome them into my closet with open arms. After you see how versatile and fun each trend is for yourself, you'll most likely be in full agreement. 

Fisherman Feet

Summer Sandal Trends 2020



Fisherman-style sandals are just the new sandal trend we needed this summer. These caged-in shoes are practical but feel oddly exciting. While it's definitely on the chunkier side, this is one sandal trend that doesn't appear to be "pretty" on the foot, but it sure as hell looks good nonetheless. 

Casual Clogs

Summer Sandal Trends 2020



We started to see the rise of clogs back in the fall, and now, the clog-sandal movement is well underway. Fit with a clunky wooden sole and a simple leather buckle across the toes, once again, this is not a trend that necessarily flatters the foot, but I don't remember the last time I cared about that, so here we are. 

Sporty Selections

This one is not new by any means, yet it continues to show up on the feet of fashion girls across the globe. This sporty sandal trend looks perfect with everything from dresses to athletic shorts and doubles as an easy house shoe, which we all need right now.


Summer Sandal Trends 2020



Having a piece of leather or fabric tied around your big toe is definitely an interesting look, but it's one that continues to bubble as the temperatures rise. From flat sandals to wrapped-up high heels, this is one sandal detail that will have heads turning all summer long. 

Fresh Flatforms

Summer Sandal Trends 2020



It's been a hot minute since we've seen flatforms pop up as a major trend, but apparently, summer 2020 is their time to shine. These large and loud shoes require a brave wearer, but as we've seen all across social platforms, this sartorial platform is worth the risk for a killer ensemble. 

Fancy Thongs

Heeled thongs also rose up to fame last summer, but there is no slowing their roll as we head full-force into summer 2020. These fancy flip-flops are the perfect versatile shoes to wear with everything from formal to casual seasonal attire. And while the trend itself might make you cringe a tad at the 2000s nostalgia, it's one that I plan on diving back into ASAP.