13 Outfits to Wear When It's Too Hot for Jeans

There are few reasons we'd consider giving up a wardrobe staple as pivotal as jeans, but hot weather will do it. When the temperatures start to climb, denim goes from being our flattering best friend to a sweaty, sticky, and uncomfortable straightjacket. So it's exactly this time of year that skinnies and straight-leg styles take a backseat to breezier, lighter pieces. The best summer outfit ideas are both simple to put together and manage to minimize the feeling of being in a sauna whenever you step outdoors.

So let's revisit the conundrum: What does one wear when jeans are out of the equation? Well, we've got 13 smart options for you. From cool (literally and figuratively) ways to style your favorite dress to comfy ensembles you can wear to work, you'll be armed with a host of clever ideas for those days when jeans just don't fly. While we can't promise that you'll be totally sweat-free (that's a big ask) you'll be better prepared to survive those upcoming heat waves. Read on to see and shop the ensembles now.