Survival Guide: How to Dress for Humid Weather

You've been there—wearing a cute outfit only for it to be completely ruined by sweat, sweat, and more sweat on that first 90-degree day of the summer. Trust us: You're not alone. Aside from simply wearing nothing, it seems almost impossible to look your best in the heat of summer. But surviving without sacrificing your style is doable—if you dress smartly.

To pinpoint exactly what we mean, we enlisted celeb stylists Jen Rade and Alex Sweterlitsch to give their expert tips on exactly what to wear for humid weather. When it's unbearably hot out, we often fantasize about wearing nothing at all. The next best thing? Pieces that fall away from your body, according to Rade and Sweterlitsch. Think loose-fitting jumpsuits and flowing dresses. It's also important to pay attention to materials, the stylists advise. Choose cotton and linen over synthetics like nylon. You'll thank us later.

Keep reading to find out our top tips that will make the next few months a little more bearable for you. And while you're at it, shop our humid-weather essentials.

Stick to Shapes That Fall Away From the Body

"Stick to shapes that fall away from the body. The less fabric touching your skin, the cooler you'll feel," Sweterlitsch said.

Opt for Cotton

"Avoid synthetic fabrics at all costs; they'll cling and stick and make you miserable," Sweterlitsch said.

Go Light or Go Bright

"I say this as a girl who wears black almost daily, but it really helps to avoid dark colors when it's blazing hot outside. A nice white fit-and-flare dress with colorful ballet flats or sandals is cute. Prints are also great at hiding sweat marks," Rade said.

Consider Your Footwear

"It matters what shoes you choose—heat escapes through our heads and our feet, so opt for canvas shoes if you have to wear closed-toe. Otherwise, wear chic sandals as much as possible," Sweterlitsch said.

Embrace Cutouts

"Dresses and tops with cutouts are not only fun, but they have built-in ventilation," Rade said.

Avoid Tight Jeans

"Avoid tight jeans! Try lightweight denim in looser shapes to keep cool," Rade said.

Wear a Sports Bra

Well, if you're going to break a sweat from the humidity anyway, why not embrace it by wearing activewear?

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