7 Summer Micro-Trends I'm Already Texting My Friends About

Summer micro trends



Summer may be just around the corner but we’re already seeing some of the season’s coolest trends make their debut on fashion people. I personally can’t wait to inject my closet with some fresh new pieces and from the look of it, the fashion set is feeling the exact same way. Looking to some recent outfits, I noticed some key summer micro-trends already popping up that we can expect to be absolutely everywhere next month.

From the matching set that is destined to be one of the key upcoming trends to the swimsuit silhouette endorsed by one of the coolest It-brands to the forward sandal shape I just added to my closet, these are the 7 micro-trends I’m most excited about for summer. Prepare to spot these all over Instagram. Here, see how the fashion set is already wearing them and shop my picks for each.

1. Sporty Swimsuits

Summer micro trends: sporty swimsuits



While there are already plenty of new swimsuit trends on our radar, sporty silhouettes are the latest to grab my attention. You just know the shape is going to be huge since it's a key style in The Attico's debut swim collection.

Summer micro trends: platform sandals



I hate to pick favorites, but platform sandals are one of my top summer shoes without question. I'm really into the neutral takes on the trend that can be worn with pretty much anything.

3. Short Sets

Whether you're wearing this as a casual look or a swimsuit coverup, matching short sets are one of the key outfit trends to add to your closet this summer. With styles ranging from printed versions terry cloth materials, there are so many cool takes on the trend.

4. Midriff-Baring Tops

Summer micro trends: midriff-baring tops



Crop tops are getting a remake this summer and fashion people are 100% in. Instead of tighter tees like we've seen in the past, look for shirting and looser pieces to tap into this trend.

Perhaps my favorite trend of the moment, I can't get enough of the oversize button-down tops that you'll spot in every fashion person's closet. I particularly like the bold colors that are standing out this season.

6. Ocean-Inspired Pieces

Summer micro trends: ocean-inspired pieces



I'll attribute the ocean-inspired trend to Versace. In their S/S 21 collection, the house brought back its Trésor de la Mer motif and has inspired a resurgence in under the sea pieces ranging from mermaid swimsuits to underwater prints.

7. Bright Green

Bright green is the shade that's absolutely taking the fashion set by storm and it has no signs of slowing down. You'll definitely want to scoop up this vibrant hue as we'll be seeing saturated shades on the rise.