Our Editor in Chief Tried Summer's #1 Jewelry Trend, and I'm Obsessed

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There's something to be said for adorning yourself in pieces that make you feel joyful. I like to think about it as though I'm the main character in a movie, getting dressed before stumbling into a meet-cute and falling madly in love—the kind of happy, lucky, optimistic vibes we all deserve a little extra dose of right about now, do we not? Heading into this summer season, with everyone so damn ready to get dressed for more than a grocery run, we're all shamelessly excited about Fashion (with a capital F) again, so it's really only fitting that bold colors are the number-one trend in jewelry.

To get specific, it's all about three key shades: ruby red, emerald green, and turquoise blue. My favorite fashion people are already on it, Who What Wear's Editor in Chief, Kat Collings, included. I talked to Kat all about her love of jewelry, how she's stacking and layering her favorite pieces for summer, and why she's loving Piaget's Possession collection for all of her colorful jewelry looks.


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Now that the tides appear to be turning, Kat is ready to reenter the world of fashion. "I think people are thrilled to have a reason to put effort into their looks. It feels good to craft up an outfit that is the perfect representation of your style and mood, and if more people get to see it than just your cat, what novelty! Summer is definitely the season for getting a bit more playful with fashion. I love to embrace color and keep my looks simple but impactful," she says.

She certainly did just that with this bold red look that's sure to turn heads. "I had a lot of fun styling the earrings for this look. I went for an asymmetrical effect, where on one ear, I had one drop hung behind my earlobe and the other in front. I love that you can customize the look depending on your mood. Pairing the watch with the bangle was also a fun way to make a statement on my wrist."


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"I’m seeing a definite shift in jewelry trends where people are opting for looks that have a bit more presence and personality," says Kat. "Think color; think bold. Delicate jewelry will always have its spot, but I think people are craving jewelry that leaves a bit more of an impression. It’s easy to turn to neutrals, but a jolt of color can literally boost my mood."

This bright-green look is a definite mood booster and perfect for nearly every summer occasion from dinners alfresco, outdoor picnics in the park, and so much more. "The square neckline of the dress creates a great canvas that’s begging to be adorned with a necklace," Kat says. "I loved stacking the two Possession rings on top of each other for a bolder style. The best part is that they look just as good separately, too."


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It's nearly impossible to look at this dreamy color and not immediately get transported to a gorgeous setting near the ocean. For this reason, the color turquoise almost instantly incites a feeling of joy, à la those first few moments of a vacation. Kat agrees, adding, "In a pre-pandemic world, I used to love buying myself jewelry when I traveled. It’s more expensive than a typical souvenir, but it’s more lasting, and it fondly reminds me of places I’ve been."

Don't be afraid to mix shades: The turquoise really pops against a navy outfit, as Kat proves with this more tailored look. "The deep V of the blazer framed the bolo necklace perfectly. I stacked a couple bangles on top of one another, playing with the contrast between the blue stone and the diamonds as well as the scale of a smaller bracelet and a statement one. Layering jewelry adds dimension to your look and makes your accessorizing all the more dynamic. Why have one when you can have multiple?!" Now that's a jewelry motto I can all get behind.

Associate Fashion Director, Branded Content

Michaela Bushkin is the associate fashion director on the branded content team. She is based in Los Angeles and is going on her sixth year at Who What Wear. Michaela has always worked in the content world, previously at Whalerock and The Zoe Report. Her current role involves executing content, photo shoots, and events for fashion brands from retailers to luxury designers and everything in between. She spends her free time online shopping (or "researching" as she likes to call it), reading at the beach, and trying as many new restaurants in L.A. as possible.