6 Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression At Your Summer Internship

Summer is coming to an end (sadly), which means you're probably almost done with your summer internship. By now you’re a pro at getting your assignments done and are rather comfortable in the work environment – maybe a little too comfortable. To make sure you leave a lasting impression, some of Who What Wear's staffers offered up valuable advice on how to stand out and be more memorable. So before you bid adieu to your supervisors and place of work, make sure you take heed our advice on how to leave on a high note.

?Even if you’re not exiting just yet, the tips below will help any intern at all stages!

"The best thing an intern can do to make a good impression is to check all of their work twice (or three times!) before turning it in. I would much rather have an intern take the time to do a job carefully and well, than quickly and without attention to detail. Small things like that can make a lasting impression!" - Faith Xue, Byrdie Editor

“Treat your internship like a real job. Don't forget you're trying to impress your supervisor, because you never know when there might be a job opening!” - Kat Collings, Editor

“Ask your supervisor out for coffee before you leave -- take the time to chat about what you liked about the internship and also give feedback on how to make the next semester even more successful!" - Michelle Scanga, Associate Editor

“When interning, it’s easy to do just what is asked of you, but to really make a mark, go above and beyond assigned tasks. Try to learn and volunteer for as much as you can, even if it's outside your designated department and job duties. If you think your supervisors won’t notice – they will." - Nicole Akhtarzad, Fashion Assistant

“Interns leave a lasting impression by taking an interest in the work they're doing, including asking valuable questions and being engaged.” - Courtney Wartman, Director of Affiliate Partnerships

“Just like a summer reading assignment that you have to do before the school semester starts, you should come into an internship having researched your relevant field and with ideas to bring to the table. A go-getter spirit, coupled with an understanding of the industry, will not only show that you care, it will make you stand out. Additionally, never nod in agreement and say that you understand a task when you really don't, and never ask a question that you can Google first. Finally: have fun and maintain a positive attitude." - Michelle Plantan, Manager of Content & Social Strategy

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